Penguins: Dibble Dash Online for PC – Free Download

November 29, 2014, Category: Games
Penguins: Dibble Dash Online for PC – Free Download
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Penguins-Dibble-Dash-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadPOM: Dibble Dash is a fun characters racing game in which you must help the Madagascar penguins going through a very challenging scenario. There are many dangerous Octopus who want to put an end to these waterfowl, but there are also many bonuses to be collected.

Every phase of the game, you have a mission to fulfill, which is usually reach certain amount of bonuses collected. Meanwhile, the player has to deal with the difficulties of the scenario, which are not few. In fact, this is probably one of the most difficult games of its category. In addition to diverting beneath, above and from the side, you have to solve mathematical problems, find ways to circumvent obstacles practically unavoidable and so on.

Enemy of ultra-high resolution screens
The game graphics are good. There is a good level of detail on virtually everything, and the sets, characters and effects are very diverse. Whenever one of the penguins is played by octopuses, they mutate weird and very funny. Really worth to test the game for these and other antics. The problem is that if you have a smartphone with 2 k or screen QHD, you will not be able to play. Therefore, no Bike Maxx, Galaxy Note 4 or LG G3.

The soundtrack does not stand out much, but the game has various sound effects. The Captain is talking to the player all the time, making puns of the character from the movies and the animated television series. It makes the game more immersive, but a more lively music in the background is needed. Therefore, if you liked all these features, really worth the test.

Free download: Penguins: Dibble Dash for PC – Penguins: Dibble Dash for Android

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