Perfect Drift Online for PC – Free download

November 28, 2014, Category: Games
Perfect Drift Online for PC – Free download
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Perfect-Drift-Online-for-PC-Free-downloadPerfect Drift is fun and easy and will definitely leave the would-be pilot busy for a while. If it wasn’t for the limitation of gasoline — you can compete in five races until the gas runs out and you have to wait 10 minutes to return to the track —, the player would get some good hours in the cracks.

It’s not a groundbreaking game, however brings the ambiance of the races to the screen of your phone or tablet. It’s very cool to see the car crossing the finish line with inches of difference in his opponent, gives the impression that, if it was a real race, you step out of your vehicle to mock his opponent’s face.

The variety of cars is not too large, but those that are available are pretty cool and totally different styles. There are some with a more modern, such as those presented in games like Need For Speed, others more retro, and even has one that looks like a VW Beetle!

Paint it black, you’re made of … cel-shaded?

The graphics in the game are made with the cel-shaded rendering, a “cartoony” style used in 3D images so that the final result resembles that of drawings in 2D. The appearance is pretty cool. The scenarios (always during the night) are represented by 3D tracks and a photo of a city with lights on the bottom.

This is nice, sure, but it seems to be missing more life during races. There’s no one to “twist” by its pilot, as if we were running into an abandoned city. The lack of these elements can even improve the performance of the game, however this sacrifice pays the price of making the race somewhat empty.

I think my radio broke

In relation to music, we see a weakness. It’s exactly the right genre for this type of game: a hip hop. The problem is that she is extremely repetitive and can leave the player a little distressed after some time. Namely, the mute button was soon sought during our test.

As for the audio, there is nothing that is sensational. Of course we can hear the sound of the engines and tire fires, but we have to agree that this is the minimum that a racing game should have. That doesn’t mean he’s bad, it’s just not a strong point.

Free download: Perfect Drift for PC – Perfect Drift for Android

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