Perfect Shift Online for PC – Free Download

March 2, 2015, Category: Games
Perfect Shift Online for PC – Free Download
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   Perfect Shift is a racing game different from those in which you need to keep your foot on the gas (or your finger on the screen) all the time. He gives priority to the quick thinking of the player at the time to increase or decrease the motion of the car.

More strenuous fans of racing titles may even be disappointed a bit, but it doesn’t take the credits of the game. Even not giving preference to common style of competition, Perfect Shift is extremely fun and challenging. The player must be careful to make the exchange of gear at the right time if you want to leave the opponent backwards.

Several cars and a nice visual

The game has 25 exclusive cars and dozens of tracks that pass through various urban environments, such as tunnels, roads and industrial areas. Title graphics are jaw-dropping and portray a nocturnal city very well in 3D, with excellent sound and light effects.

The sound effects are great. However, the music is really weird for a racing game. Even trying to pass that employee on “fast and furious”, she failed to be very repetitive and out of tune with the game.

“Pimp my Ride” mobile

Perfect Shift allows you to create and customize your dream car, in addition to improving its performance on the road to buy powerful engines, higher quality tires, aerodynamic adjustments, turbo, a new gearbox, all this in well equipped garage of Sheryll.

It’s not just in story mode you can take advantage of its powerful. There is a free race mode, if you wanted to raise money to equip the car; the race, which is a daily challenge that appears once every 12:0 am and offers a good Prize; and the races in the series, in which several riders will try to beat him, one after another.

If you want to enjoy a racing game that escapes from the common patterns of simply putting your foot on the gas, Perfect Shift is your game and certainly worth the download. Good cracks!

Free Download: Perfect Shift for PC – Perfect Shift for Android

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