Pet Cake Shop Online for PC – Free Download

December 2, 2014, Category: Games
Pet Cake Shop Online for PC – Free Download
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Pet-Cake-Shop-Online-for-pC-Free-DownloadPet Cake Shop is one of those games with cuddly pets that you can show to any child and she will love it. The lightness and simplicity of the game resemble the time of Think Well, the kind that mother and son can play together.

The content of the title, this is the proposal: children have fun with their parents or colleagues. Is an application that calls attention thanks to their colors and designs with extremely childish appeal.

Obviously for kids

At the main menu, note the lack of intention of producers to attract hardcore gamers. Is shown a big pink shop with the “Play” button and a kitten. Anything that holds attention of those more mature players or even older people.

Each pet of the game is very handsome, rich in detail and with cool animations. However, you can fuss with an overloaded interface with the color pink, which tired a bit your eyes, making you want to come out of the game for a while.

Playing, playing and playing …

Now that we have in mind which is an application to children, we go to the gameplay. In this regard, Pet Cake Shop don’t bring much innovation. You put tables and purchase ovens to attract more clients and complete missions.

So far, so good. However, the problem is that the tasks are very repetitive. Even with the extra activities, after a prolonged time the game becomes nauseating, always having the same things to do, with only one goal: to make more money to do the same things.

1.2, 3 sound

Here is where the game stands out. Pet Cake Shop brings a soundtrack that combines very well with the style of the game. Even in extra activities, how to fix the oven or take care of the employees, the sound is up to, that is, in this regard, the app is $ 10.

Once again focusing on the title is directed primarily to children, we conclude that the game is quite interesting for the kids. However, gamers will hardly more serious and mature players.

Free Download:  Pet Cake Shop for PC  Pet Cake Shop for Android

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