Pew Pew Penguin Online for PC/Windows – Free Download

April 9, 2015, Category: Blog
Pew Pew Penguin Online for PC/Windows – Free Download
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   Pew Pew Penguin PC is a game of action and survival for those who enjoy card games with a visual intense and full of animations and elements. This is a casual game, but make no mistake: you will need to give your best to win more advanced enemies.

Visual well done but confusing

One point of this game you might want too, but can also be a problem for some players, it’s visual. The Game is pretty intense Pengun Pew Pew. Are many colorful elements on the screen, many enemies at the same time and everything ends up getting pretty confused.

For example, when you kill an opponent, WINS several gems. These rocks come flying across the screen until you reach in your character. Add to that with various small enemies, the bombs thrown in various patterns by larger enemies and the bottom, and you’ve got a look that can take a long time to become comfortable for the eyes.

Something that would be helpful would be to remove the animations of the coloured stones coming toward the character. This detail looks small, but it ends briefly obscuring the trail of bombs dropped and you can be hit by accident, while collecting the prizes. The rest of the scenario could be more minimalist, but not enough to be troublesome.

Even so, it is very addictive

After passing the shock by visual intense, you can enjoy gambling, that is quite interesting. This game is incredibly simple controls, since you just click on the character and drag it across the screen; the shots come out automatically. At first, it may seem too simple, but difficult in a short time if accentuates enough.

The gambling of Pew Pew Penguin is divided into phases, something which is not the most common in this type of game. Typically, you need to try to get as far as possible, but that’s not the case here. The evolution of levels end up making the game increasingly complex — and your character, increasingly prepared to deal with the danger.

Is it worth it?

Pew Pew Penguin is a game suitable for those who enjoy card games intense, but casual. He draws attention for being easy to control and have a good amount of levels, but it’s good to keep in mind that you’ll need a lot of focus and attention on the Board to be able to keep up with the pace of so many elements moving simultaneously on the screen.

Free Download: Pew Pew Penguin for PC – Pew Pew Penguin for Android

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