Pharablox – Falling Blocks Online for PC – Free Download

June 3, 2015, Category: Games
Pharablox – Falling Blocks Online for PC – Free Download
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Pharablox-Online-for-PCPharablox – Falling Blocks is a game in which you need to build a large Tower from the pieces that are placed on the set.

In the game, the Egyptian god Anubis left a message saying that “to become a great Pharaoh, it is necessary to control the blocks that he sent from heaven”.

Now, the time has come for you to put all your skills in practice, organizing the pieces to form a tower. The game has two modes for you to play: “Classic”, in which you need to control the blocks by three minutes and “Reach the sky”, where your task is to build the highest Tower you can.

Controlling the blocks

Regardless of the chosen mode, soon to begin to match the blocks will be “released” from heaven and your goal is to control the mobile support at the bottom of the screen, so that all the pieces can be placed on it. To achieve this, we need only move your smartphone, making the base is placed in the position you need.

Your biggest concern should be in making a firm and harmonic composition, whereas it will be necessary to combine several pieces on the first base mounted. On the left side of the screen you can see what are the next blocks that are arranged on the set, in order to facilitate in your organization from the tower.

Free Download: Pharablox for PC

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