Pinch Candy Online for PC – Free Download

January 5, 2015, Category: Games
Pinch Candy Online for PC – Free Download
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Pinch-Candy-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Pinch Candy PC is a game that offers more than a hundred stages, with more challenges being made available by the developer from time to time. The proposal is very similar to so many other games, since it requires exclusively the Union of groups with three or more stones of similar coloration. The main difference in the proposal would be the focus of Christmas themed, offering a visual quite restricted at that time.

The visuals in the game is little elaborated, but also leaves no wish unfulfilled with regard in particular to the resolution and to the contours of the drawings, do not have noticeable blocky. As for the gameplay, there are no problems with the answer of the commands: she is quick and does not present any significant delay – after all, you’re not races against time and may take as long as you want for each movement.

The level of difficulty, finally, is something probably left relatively high on purpose, to encourage players to buy the game online store facilitators. I.e. even if there is a wide variety of challenges, they may be too difficult for you to complete, depending on a lot of luck to get a combination of stones that you load up the victory instead of it impossible.

Free Download: Pinch Candy for PC – Pinch Candy for Android

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