Plunder Pirates Online for PC – Free Download

April 22, 2015, Category: Games
Plunder Pirates Online for PC – Free Download
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Plunder-Pirates-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Plunder Pirates PC is a real-time strategy game in which your goal is to build your island and prepare for insane battles of Defense and attack. Through it, you can build various types of installations, combat enemies and pirates plunder entire regions.

The time has come for you to be the most feared pirate of the seven seas. Pirates plunder is a fun strategy game that runs off a little of the obvious: leave the terrestrial regions and enters the ocean and all its dangers, as obviously the pirates.

Explorer of the seven seas

The game puts you to build an island, which is becoming more and more powerful as you defeat opponents and plunders other pirates. This mechanics can bring more innovation to the genre, but leave the title a lot more fun.

The mechanics of the game is very simple and follows the proposal of other games of the genre, like Clash of Clans, constructions of structures easy to built, fast attacks and simplified and automatic operating mode.

However, that doesn’t mean it will be easy to beat. It takes wisdom to choose certain pirates to attack, prioritize the most efficient structures to develop with more speed and courage to confront increasingly powerful pirates.

What a beauty, eh?

Pirates plunder has outstanding graphics. Is a 3D primeza that enchants and jump your eyes. Do you realize how well the game is worked by applying the zoom and check the appearance of the characters, objects and scenarios recreated in minute detail. The highlights are in the water, with a depth and stunning visuals.

The developer also extra effort in animations. Battles are drooling, with many fantastic special effects and explosives. To complete, the soundtrack of Pirates Plunder is top notch, with lively songs, mostly during battles. The sound effects are also neat and offer much more reality to the game.

Free Download: Plunder Pirates for PC – Plunder Pirates for Android

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