Pocket Heroes Online for PC – Free Download

December 7, 2014, Category: Games
Pocket Heroes Online for PC – Free Download
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Pocket-Heroes-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  Pocket Heroes PC is a real-time strategy game in which your task is nothing less than protecting King Arthur, preventing that Camelot is attacked by evil creatures. In it, the defenses are not static and the enemies won’t attack online or following a corridor; You’ll face real-time armies, directing the characters to use their skills in the best possible way.

Initially, you have at your disposal a warrior and a Priestess, but over time it will be possible to unlock new units with different abilities. Similarly, you may buy items or evolve your equipment, causing new combat strategies can be employed in the task.

Following the map

The game features several stages for you to have fun, but they are performed in sequence. So, every time you win one of the points of the map, the next is now immediately open for you proceed in the game. Still, as there is this division into phases, their progress is stored independently in each one of them.

So the game can be both a great option to fill those idle moments during the day and for hours of fun. The game lacks a degree of difficulty to choose from, but it starts at a level more easily, as well as the beginning be fully guided, so you can learn how tasks are performed in the title.

Ambiance and controls

The system of controls of the game is pretty easy, since all the tasks are performed by touches and swipes on the screen. In addition, the commands are answered promptly, and there is no delay in the realization of what was requested. The background music is epic, to make you enter the climate provided by the history of the game.

The other sounds are related to the actions seen on the screen and are very well synchronized with the event. To strengthen the sense proposed by audio, you get a graphic model very well elaborated with high quality drawings and animations suited to the game. Still, the game is not heavy and can be used normally, even on smartphones a bit more modest.

Free Download:  Pocket Heroes for PC – Pocket Heroes for Android

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