Pocket Wizard: Magic Fantasy! Online for PC – Free Download

December 2, 2014, Category: Games
Pocket Wizard: Magic Fantasy! Online for PC – Free Download
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Pocket-Wizard-Magic-Fantasy!-Online-for-Pc-Free-DownloadPlay up any general rule when it comes to game balancing, notion of power and consistency. When placing the player in the shoes of a small girl magic, Pocket Wizard: Magic Fantasy! shows how you can be funny without stick to the molds of adventure games. Is simple: tap the screen, kill monsters, collect coins and get rich!

Taking a cheap adventure games with RPG elements, the game exudes good humor and setting in a gameplay without any kind of complication. The witch-mirim is protected at all times by a magical force field indestructible, which avoids any type of damage. The character will automatically walk, nice and quiet, while the monsters pile up around them.

Enemies appear in waves of animals by land and air, by simply touching the screen repeatedly to eliminate them. Gradually, a small bar is filled under “Magic” and when the meter reaches maximum, there is the option to cast a sorcery destructor it wont eliminate at once all enemies present. At the end of the batch of monsters, there is a boss that is larger and can hold a lot more punches than his lackeys.


To unlock new spells, simply collect coins left by defeated enemies and buy them by accessing the menu “Magic”. Classic spells are available as fireball, lightning, ice storm and even a gigantic black hole, each enabled by a specific sequence of commands.

Coins, incidentally, are at the heart of the game, since I work as both a scoring system as a means of shopping for practically everything in Pocket Wizard. You know when people say that money makes money? So, here you can invest in commercial activities as an Inn or a school of magic, which are nothing more than ways to get a steady flow of money.

As you add more money, you can buy new weapons that, besides changing your default magic – with no effect of power, it is worth remembering –, also change the look of the little witch, who makes new clothes or different hats. This helps create a very nice graphical style, which combines with the rest of the game, that’s all colorful and cute. Enough to remember the visual of Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii).

The sounds of the attacks and spells look pretty with the kind of effects that are in Final Fantasy games or other RPGs of type. The trail is fabulous, with happy songs that stick in your head, simulating cartoon Japanese songs from magic girl genre.

Humor without compromise

Funny and kind of crazy, Pocket Wizard: Magic Fantasy! can display its charm at all times, as in your own splash screen, which shows the character running after a bag of cash. The girl still loose sentences – in English – all the time, things like “I want to be rich!”, “nice weather” or “I’m not afraid of monsters!”.

If you want an uncompromising game and extremely fun, which exudes good humor in a beautiful design, Pocket Wizard is your choice. Game progress is saved from where it left off, so whenever I have some time to start the match to help the little girl to realize their dreams of wealth.

Free Download:   Pocket Wizard: Magic Fantasy! for PC –  Pocket Wizard: Magic Fantasy! for Android

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