Polar Pop Mania Online for PC/Windows7/8/Mac – Free Download

September 12, 2015, Category: Games
Polar Pop Mania Online for PC/Windows7/8/Mac – Free Download
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Polar-Pop-Mania-Online-for-PC-Windows-7-8-Mac-Free-DownloadPolar Pop Mania PC is a puzzle title to combine equal elements with a throwing mechanics of balls for the scenario. Your task here is to help the seal Cecilia free the puppies that are trapped in the bubbles.

Addictive and fun gameplay

The gameplay is also good, because everything is controlled with the mouse. Another interesting point is the Physical involvement in movements of the spheres, since instead they “stick” in the corners of the screen, they are batting and have its trajectory changed, making the game even more fun.

In addition, the menus are very well produced, with buttons very well located, strong colours and a design that combines with the game. This makes Polar Pop Mania a complete experience, fun and beautiful.

Well produced

The setting and the designs are simple, but are suited to the game, in addition to being very well done. Like all social games, you can invite your friends to be part of your group, something that makes it easier to obtain special items.

The game features a lively background music that serves well its purpose of ambient sound, as well as help in the immersion in the atmosphere of the match. The other existing sounds are the actions seen on screen (how to eliminate a group of balls or hit a different chain) and they are suitable and well synchronized events.

Free Download: Polar Pop Mania for PC – Polar Pop Mania for Android

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