Pongo Combo Online for PC – Free Download

November 29, 2014, Category: Games
Pongo Combo Online for PC – Free Download
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Pongo-Combo-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadThe game Pongo Combo is a fun diversion for those who like to think in logical solutions. It is a challenge of movement and brings a gradual difficulty, which is good for those just starting out. The visual is well done and the animations are very beautiful, making this game a great alternative to be downloaded.

If you like games where you need to think a lot, this is one of them. The early stages are pretty easy, but soon level increases and you need to have a broad insight to anticipate the impact of each of the movements in the game. This is very interesting and makes the game dynamic, interesting and quite addictive too.

A point that he sins is the amount of limited resources, that make it need to spend real money if you want to continue playing without pauses. For example, the lives that are used even if you hit that first stage and the power bar of buttons to go back and restart the stage. In addition, the powers are expensive and in many cases are well needed.

The visual of this game is very interesting, being that the animations will lure attention positively, even if they are often repeated throughout the game. These elements end up giving an air cool and well done to the game, which is well organized and has very intuitive menus. I.e. graphically Pongo Combo doesn’t disappoint.

Pongo Combo may not be the big release of the year or even a very important game, but it’s a game fun, honest and very well done. Even with the limitations of life and energy it is worth to be downloaded, since it promises many moments of entertainment.

Free download: Pongo Combo for PC – Pongo Combo for Android

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