Pop Candy Online for PC – Free Download

December 17, 2014, Category: Games
Pop Candy Online for PC – Free Download
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Pop-Candy-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Pop Candy PC , as well as all games of the same genre, has a flamboyant and colorful visuals, which combines very well with your theme. Once you understand the basic operation of the game, you can calculate large combos after only a few phases, thus a giant amount of points.

Before playing, you must decipher

The problem lies precisely in understanding how to play, once the application is available in English only. To make matters worse, there is no explanation about what should be done in no time, you simply have to decipher what to do by analyzing the few information on the screen.

You have words like Move (amount of remaining moves to the end of the match), Time (how long), Target (total points) and the representation of one of the stones next to a number (quantity of pieces of that color that must be detonated to complete the phase).

But even if you meet all the above requirements, often not getting the 3 stars on stages of Story mode, for example. We also need to do a large amount of points – in General over 4.5 thousand – at each level to get a perfect score, even if you’ve spent almost all of his movements or complete at the last second.

Similarly, there is no way of knowing what each booster makes without testing it. There is also no indication that you will spend their precious coins each time you use one of the upgrades, which is practically a cheat with the player.

This information is not nowhere, and only realized after playing a few stages and we notice a pattern. Of course this doesn’t make Pop Candy impossible to play, but it’s the kind of thing that could easily be resolved with an update.

Candy Crush or Space Invaders?

Another point where the Pop Candy left wishing I was on your part soundtrack. There is no piped music, even in the menus and during the stages, only the sounds of explosion of parts and the noise of the buttons in the menu. If you play without headphones, whoever is next will find that it is a game of shooting or spaceships, and not a typical title of combining colors.

The last major defect is the amount of advertisements that the game shows continuously while you are playing at the bottom of the screen. Not enough to get in the way, like those ads that jump on the screen and interrupt their concentration, but that are boring, are.

Despite the problems singled out here, still well worth giving a chance to the game. Even without a tutorial, it’s pretty easy to understand the mechanics of Pop Candy, and pretty soon you have mastered all variations of phases that appear during the matches.

It is possible to play without using any booster, because ultimately they don’t facilitate gambling so much, and you can overcome even the most complicated stages with a bit of dedication and concentration.

Furthermore, although it is free to play, you have a way to get more coins without spending your, which is the way Coins. It really escapes to genre, in which normally get in-game items is an arduous, long and uninteresting.

If you’re an aficionado for combo games or if you just want something simple and fun to pass the time, Pop Candy will surely meet your expectations.

Free Download:  Pop Candy for PC Pop Candy for Android

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