PopCorn Blast Online for PC/Windows – Free Download

April 27, 2015, Category: Games
PopCorn Blast Online for PC/Windows – Free Download
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PopCorn-Blast-Online-for-PC-Windows-Free-Download   In PopCorn Blast PC, you find a casual game of skill in that just touch briefly on the screen to advance. The mission is to destroy the popcorn which falls constantly from the top and not let the overflow screen.

Popping up

The gameplay is simple if you doubt the biggest gimmick the app. game can be enjoyed by people of all ages and is excellent for the moments of leisure. The well balanced difficulty level is another positive factor, since it’s not easy to get good scores to compete in Google’s online Play Games scores.

The possibility to unlock scenarios with other elements like leaves and coins, for example, is cool and helps to reduce a bit the feeling of repetition. However, the prices are a little salty and may take some time until you achieve the required amounts.

Well agitated

The cartoon-style graphics combine perfectly with the casual theme of the work and are very expressive. Popcorn flicks are funny and the animations reveal many cool effects of particles that make the rich and hectic environment.

The sound accompanies the mess on the screen in a coherent way and increases the immersion, particularly for those who are using headphones. The melodies are also legal, although they may become a bit repetitive.

Free Download: PopCorn Blast for PC – PopCorn Blast for Android

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