Punch Boxing 3D Online for PC – Free Download

December 30, 2014, Category: Games
Punch Boxing 3D Online for PC – Free Download
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Punch-Boxing-3D-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Punch Boxing 3D PC is a game of fighting and boxing Simulator, in which you must create a character from scratch, training every day to defeat stronger opponents to win the Championships. Earn money and buy, take the attributes accessories for your character is increasingly close to becoming the King of this sport.

Intuitive commands

Almost all game commands are performed with gestures on the screen, such as slide upwards to perform a hook. These inputs are very intuitive and fun to make in touchscreen, being the heart of the game. There are also buttons for Defense, ducks and stroke of rage.

Not always the responsiveness is precise and the scams can leave change occasionally. Occasionally the screen can give small fought, which make it impossible to execute any command.

Photorealistic graphics

This question is definitely one of the most attention-grabbing when you start the game. The graphics are fully 3D, with textures of excellent quality, excellent lighting effects and good animations. The strong point for sure are the models of the fighters.

But if you look at the graphics in the game as a whole, we can notice that the crowd is static and seem cardboard plates. The scenario also is not as well built compared to sportsmen, with textures with lower resolution. Nothing to get in the way, since the principal – in this case, the boxers-the game presents a very good technical quality, but worth the mention.

Without music, there’s no Rocky

No, it’s not the musical style. Rocky, with y, the fictional fighter from the movies. Fans of the films surely remember the outstanding soundtrack, representing the achievements and challenges of the Boxer. And is basically the same topic presented by the game, since you are a beginner.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have any music. There’s even a song well short on the menu, but that’s it. The lack of sounds beyond the sound effects of the moves leaves the game very bland at certain times, taking the immersion and emotion of Punch Boxing 3D. In fact, is not the most important thing in General, but certainly a good music would only bring benefits.

Slow progression and time-consuming

Surely nobody becomes a fighter overnight, but in the World Games is welcome a little more speed in the process. It is interesting the mechanics of train to increase attributes, and mini games are fun. However, it’s all too slow. We can only train every 12:0 and is very short, creating a bit of frustration.

I’m sure King Boxing-Punch Boxing 3D is a great game and a great hobby. However, if you’re an avid for playing at length some title, if frustrated fast with this Simulator. At one time or another, you will be required to stop play. In addition, most are only available unlockable for real money. But generally speaking, it is a good fighting game with excellent graphics.

Free Download: Punch Boxing 3D for PC  – Punch Boxing 3D for Android

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