Puzzle Monsters Online for PC – Free Download

April 21, 2015, Category: Games
Puzzle Monsters Online for PC – Free Download
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Puzzle-Monsters-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Puzzle Monsters PC is a puzzle game of colorful stones together and achieve the best score possible over 60 different stages. However, it is not so simple, because it presents a proposal similar to Dragons, even though & Puzzles well over-simplified when compared to her. Basically, the idea is to meet the goals of each phase decreases the life of a monster, and it strikes you once in a while, making the formation of groups more difficult.

The visual Puzzle Monsters is enough, because it presents a great resolution and beautiful pieces. However, the character that is always following the protagonist has an appearance that was meant to be “cute”, but in reality it is extremely disturbing. In addition, the design of the monsters is so simple that the developer does not seem to have lost a lot of time with that part of the creation of the game.

The soundtrack leaves something to be desired because there is only one music and the sound effects are repetitive. While the gameplay has no significant defect, the difficulty of the game is a little punitive after the tenth stage: often you has no movement to perform in full-frame, strategies to “encourage” you to spend real money on the game store, buying items for release to chance to even play normally.

Free Download: Puzzle Monsters for PC – Puzzle Monsters for Android

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