Puzzle Pets Online for PC – Free Download

January 23, 2015, Category: Games
Puzzle Pets Online for PC – Free Download
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Puzzle-Pets-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Games connecting pieces are quite popular, especially after the success of Candy Crush. This is more a title like that, with a simple story — and entirely in Portuguese. — about some animals puppies that are gone. Your mission is to rescue them, but that’s just the backdrop to the stages of truth.

The game Puzzle Pets is not bad, but it also brings many new features to the genre. That is, the missions are very similar with all others of this type, and in a short time the stages start to get really tough for those who don’t want to spend on the game.

Lives and much ADO

Despite being very generic, Puzzle Pets does not cease to be fun. However, two problems were observed: it uses the system of life so you have to ask for refills and invite Facebook friends to play also, besides being a little slow to load phases, with animations that cannot be skipped.

The first problem is nothing new for those who like that sort of game. Few games of connect stones currently are free of this system, but if you want a good unlimited gambling, can download the fantastic Ice Crush, which is great fun and has no obstacles of hearts and lives.

Already slow to load phases is something that doesn’t quite take its toll on the game, but it’s pretty uncomfortable for those who are playing and want a faster pace. He has small animations between levels and they cannot be interrupted. It’s just a detail, but it could be better.

Visual good but could be better

Puzzle Pets is a game of a great developer, Gameloft, and the expectation is that your visual was much nicer than it really is, this game is ugly, and even has parts and characters well done, but the buttons and his colors are very generic, like that were taken of libraries already ready.

What is lacking for a game of this style is to try to innovate: the Puzzle Pets repeats the same formula beat of three-dimensional elements and many colors and animations, when he could be a lot simpler and better tapped.

Despite this, it is a good game

Even though we didn’t have the best look, he is a game which has a very interesting interface. The buttons include drawings and Visual cues that allow you to play smoothly, and this facilitates including the fun of children who still can’t read.

Even the tutorial has animations that show you what you need to do, with arrows and highlights, making the game great for any player, from beginners to advanced and who seek novelties.

This game brings daily challenges, special bonuses and the possibility to receive extra coins by completing the quests of the phases. Coins are awarded according to the results, and you can spend them on special items, bonuses for continuation phases or even to jump some level that you consider impossible. But beware, they are difficult to conquer.

Free Download: Puzzle Pets for PC – Puzzle Pets for Android

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