Ragnarok: War of Gods Online for PC – Free Download

November 30, 2014, Category: Games
Ragnarok: War of Gods Online for PC – Free Download
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Ragnarok-War-of-Gods-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadRagnarok: War of Gods is a great alternative for you to download a world full of magic to every corner. With multiple servers and channels, you can use the Facebook profile to create up to three Heroes and dive into the adventure.

Adventure and magic

The adaptation of work to the mobiles is consistent; However, here everything is simpler and the possibilities are also minors, starting with the heroes, as only three classes have been released — “Swordman”, “Mage” and “Acolyte”.

Despite this, the simplest set does not cause the Ragnarok: Gods War of Miss Grace, because gambling has an appeal more uncompromising that seamlessly blends with the limitations of the platform, ensuring that gamers play for short periods of time and still evolve in history and have fun.

The controls have great answers for all commands, ensuring that the exploitation of the magical worlds and battles are uncomplicated. Besides, the interface items are small and, at least on a tablet, you have plenty of room to show the screen of game without bother.

Ragnarok retro?

Despite the praise, the retro graphics extremely simplified probably won’t charm the players who were used to the PC version. Have low resolution textures and animations based on sprites fall short by a lack of refinement.

The music that rocks too gambling problem another big problem: the repetition, since it is possible to listen to the song Court and the resumption of melody that lasts less than 30 seconds, making the environment nauseating. Still, the effects that represent the attacks and interactions are subtle and little neat, impairing the immersion.

Free download: Ragnarok: War of Gods for PC  – Ragnarok: War of Gods for Android

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