RGB Express Online for PC – Free Download

December 7, 2014, Category: Games
RGB Express Online for PC – Free Download
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RGB-Express-for-PC-Free-DownloadRGB Express is a puzzle game in which you are responsible for logistical success of deliveries. So, it is you who will define the roadmap to be followed by each of the trucks, ensuring that all the colorful packages are ferried to the buildings that have the same hue of them.

However, each path can only be used once, so the player must take care to do routes that are not intercalem and are capable of fulfilling the objective proposed. Among the rules, nor is it allowed to reach a house without packages or before collecting all deliveries to be performed.

The game is divided into a system of different scenarios, and each of them has several stages for you to have fun. Your progress is stored independently in levels and you can redo any of them, if desired.

Great for passing time

The graph and the drawings are well prepared, in addition to being suited to the idea of the game. The title has a quick model of matches, being a great option to pass the time. However, it is also interesting to play for several hours, since the style of entertainment presented is a lot of fun.

Although the interface style is always the same, the layout of each phase is different and the degree of challenge shall be increased as its advance, avoiding the feeling of repetition. The gameplay is good, since all actions involve only touches on the screen of your smartphone.

The response time of commands is immediate, causing you to not suffer with delays when performing tasks. The game does not have a song in the background, something that can be considered as a positive point, because it helps keep the concentration on the task proposal. The other sounds are related to the actions on screen views and are perfectly synchronized to the events they represent.

Even with a good degree of animations and stylish graphics, the game is lightweight and won’t bring difficulties even for charging devices a little more modest.

Free Download: RGB Express for PC – RGB Express for Android

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