Rising Star Chef Online for PC – Free Download

March 6, 2015, Category: Games
Rising Star Chef Online for PC – Free Download
4.46 (89.23%) 26 votes

   Rising Star Chef PC is a great game that will keep fans of restaurants stuck to their handsets for a long time. With 138 stages and dozens of accouterments to unlock, gambling becomes increasingly frantic and demanding.

Frenzy kitchen

The control is convenient because you simply touch the right ingredients to prepare the dishes and serve customers. The intuitive interface also makes things easier as it is easy to know the items with which you can interact and a list at the top of the screen always shows the order to be followed during the preparation of an element.

The unlockable items in Rising Star Chef PC makes too many points to the app, because they change the mechanics of the game, avoiding you Marie to do the same thing over and over again. In addition, the unlockable dishes make everything more challenging, as customers can make increasingly complex requests.

Visual fancy

The stylized cartoonish visual does not disappoint. All objects and characters in Rising Star Chef PC are expressive and have impeccable boundaries. The smooth animations and the vibrant colors and consolidate a pleasant climate, especially for the younger ones.

The melody that packs the gambling is easy, helping gamers to remain focused in the kitchen. In addition, the effects are realistic, representing any player interaction in a consistent manner.

Not cheap be chef

In fact, Rising Star Chef only loses points for mechanics highly consumerist, since legal items and even “energy” – necessary to play a stage-are expensive, limiting the possibilities for those who are not into spending real money with microtransactions.

Free Download: Rising Star Chef for PC – Rising Star Chef for Android

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