Robots Love Ice Cream Online for PC – Free Download

December 7, 2014, Category: Games
Robots Love Ice Cream Online for PC – Free Download
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Robots-Love-Ice-Cream-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadRobots Love Ice Cream PC is a game in which you must complete a series of missions and defeat the enemies that come in your way. In it, a group of robots to finish with the entire stock of ice cream in the Galaxy and you are the hero who will prevent the world be without delicious frozen dessert.

The game has several levels and, even if he starts a little easier, the difficulty gradually increases, as well as new enemies are introduced to you fight. In addition to the various stages provided by the game, he also has a different layout to the items and to opponents in each of the levels.

So, no matter what the style of the scenario and the task to continue always the same, the game tries to entertain the player with new elements, avoiding getting repetitive.

Good gameplay

One advantage of the game is how easy to perform tasks, after all, all you need to do is tap the screen of the device to perform all actions. In addition, the buttons that represent the commands are well identified, causing even beginners have greater difficulties for your use.

The response time of commands is immediate, causing you to not suffer with delays to perform tasks — something that would be frustrating. The levels are relatively short and can be redesigned to increase the points obtained, if you wish. How phases are stored in the unit independently, you can use the game to fill the idle minutes of the day, serving as a great tool for the relaxation of the player

Graphics and sounds

The graph and the designs are simple, but very well done, besides being perfectly fitted with the idea for the title. The background music is lively and helps to get in the mood for a more relaxed game and done to pass the time. The other sounds are related to the actions on screen views and are well synchronized, and represent perfectly the event.

Despite the good quality graphics the game is pretty light and should run without any kind of problem even on smartphones with slightly more limited resources.

Free Download:  Robots Love Ice Cream for PC – Robots Love Ice Cream for Android

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