Rocket Romeo Online for PC – Free Download

March 10, 2015, Category: Games
Rocket Romeo Online for PC – Free Download
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   Rocket Romeo PC is a third-person action game in which you control a rooster with a rocket on his back on a journey to save his beloved. However, in this game you will not have to reach the highest point on the screen, but rather to the lowest, making the character touches down safely on the villain’s Castle.

The game does not have a phased approach, working on infinite style match, and therefore as long as you don’t bump into, or have additional lives, remains in the game. Also you cannot choose a degree of challenge for your adventure, and certainly the game can be considered as moderate difficulty since the beginning.

That’s because you have to be very careful not only to keep the character in a perfect time to maneuver, but also not to bump into elements of the scenario. In addition, the Act of cross passages available requires a lot of skill and precision in the more advanced stages of the match.

Traversing the passages

The graph and the drawings are in a comic book style, and, in addition to very elegant, also fit perfectly into the idea proposed by the game. The game has no background music, however, it’s not enough to be a downside, as this fact can help you stay focused on the match. The other sounds are related to the actions on screen views and are well synchronized.

The matches usually have a short duration, which can cause the title is a good way to pass the time, even if you have a few moments to play. Even if the task of the game is not easy, their mode of operation is very simple and, in addition, the response time of commands is immediate.

Those who already know this kind of game you know that obtaining a high score can be a challenging task, and this fact may cause some players get a little frustrated. Still, it can be a good option for those looking for a hobby without any major commitments.

Free Download: Rocket Romeo for PC – Rocket Romeo for Android

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