Roller Polar Online for PC – Free Download

December 10, 2014, Category: Games
Roller Polar Online for PC – Free Download
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Roller-Polar-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  Roller Polar PC  is s platform game in the style of steeplechase. Here, you will be responsible for a polar bear to arrive (or not) secure the lower part of the mountain. The protagonist is in the biggest trouble, trying to maintain balance on top of a snowball that is completely out of control.

So, the idea is that you jump whenever an item “pick up” on snowball-what causes it to “roll” along with her for a cycle. When this object to approach the bear, you must prevent it from banging, otherwise loses the match. The game works on the model “infinite” and you should always try to accumulate the most points in the round.

Initially you will deal only with obstacles screwing on snowball, but over time, are introduced also some enemies who will try to make your life a little bit. Although the task proposed by the game is a lot harder than it may seem, the gameplay of the game is good, because the commands require just touches.

In addition, the action is answered promptly, something essential for the good performance during the match.

Beautiful, fun and relaxed

The background music is very lively, aiding in the player’s immersion in the atmosphere cheerful and relaxed from the game. The other sounds are associated with events held on the screen, and everything is in good sync with the animations appear. The chart is well prepared and the illustrations adopt a style of comics, contributing to the idea more relaxed proposal for the game.

Despite the good quality of images and animations, thankfully the game is lightweight and can be used in more modest smartphones without risk of locking. To store your score, the game uses your Google account, allowing you to also share your score, if desired.

Free Download: Roller Polar for PC – Roller Polar for Android

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