Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens Online for PC – Free download

November 22, 2014, Category: Games
Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens Online for PC – Free download
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Rooster-Teeth-vs.-Zombiens-Online-for-PC-free-downloadFor more crazy that is the life of the podcast team Rooster Teeth, the last thing they expect is that a huge alien ship ended up in the middle of the Studio program. For an even bigger surprise, which springs from such ship is a mix of zombies and aliens affectionately called zombiens. Your mission in Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens? Detonate the hordes of enemies and, as it should be, save his own skin.

The game tries all the time to spend that aura of science fiction B-movies, the narrative or the exquisite soundtrack, and hit virtually the entire time accordingly. The 3D graphics, although it doesn’t stand out by too much details, are very humorous and complement perfectly the climate created by the developer. The whole scenario of the Studio is very well transposed to the game and allows the use of different strategies to beat the zombiens.

The enemies themselves are a SideShow, mainly for its diversity. Green meat-eating aliens, zombie dogs, flying brains and little monsters to the best style Nemesis – Resident Evil – ensure that the action does not stop for a minute. With each new wave of enemies you need to decide how to defend, is entering one of the rooms and placing traps or creating barriers to catch opponents one by one.

Difficult, Yes, but it won’t stress you out

This strategy is something that takes a while to master, since, despite the tutorials and tips in English, the game features a fairly steep learning curve, right off the bat. You need to get the trick of the camera – that can be modified by turning two fingers across the screen – and understand that we need to focus on one enemy at a time, reducing the number of opponents and avoiding you to be overthrown by the Horde.

Not to say that everything is flowers, this would be a game in which virtual on-screen controls work better than the play scheme for moving and attacking. The movement and moves made when interacting with the display end up hurting quite the Act of showing what happens in the game, especially if you have large fingers or a device with less than 5 inch screen.

Still, it’s hard not to recommend Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens, since, for about $ 10, you can have that indescribable satisfaction to observe zombiens hungry for their meat falling neatly in a beautiful sequence of pitfalls that you took about 15 seconds to plan – seem little, but, among the waves of opponents, is an eternity.

Free download: Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens Online for PC 

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