Royal Protectors Online for PC – Free Download

March 10, 2015, Category: Games
Royal Protectors Online for PC – Free Download
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   Royal Protectors PC is a game of Tower Defense style strategy. In this game, the goal is to protect the monument of the Archmage, its power source. For that, you have the ability to build powerful towers to prevent the enemy advance.

The title has everything a tower defense needs success: varied enemies and towers with different types of attack. Combine this with the possibility to create mazes with their own towers and you get a game extremely addictive and fun.

Simple and addictive

The vision of the game appears in a camera above and with simple graphics, but with little visual pollution. The resolution of the images is not the best and the drawings in the exhibit problematic contours.

Nevertheless, even with characters based on sprites, animations can be fluid and attractive. There’s not much variety of enemy types, but the player does not have to worry about it when a horde of them are coming your way.

Creating your strategy

The early rounds introduce aspects of the game, since the construction of towers to the use of special powers. New elements are presented as you advance in the game, preventing you to be lost when the game starts for real.

You won’t need many buttons to defend himself: all commands are given through the touch screen. In Royal Protectors you better anticipate their enemies by building towers quickly to prevent them from attacking the monument.


Despite the organized interface and the progressive insertion of elements, the game does not provide support for the Portuguese. This can make a little time to understand the workings of the game, but nothing get in the way of players who are already familiar with how genre.

If you like real-time strategy games or the genre of tower defense itself will certainly have fun with the Royal Protectors.

Free Download: Royal Protectors for PC – Royal Protectors for Android

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