Rule the Kingdom Online for PC – Free Download

December 1, 2014, Category: Games
Rule the Kingdom Online for PC – Free Download
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Rule-the-Kingdom-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadThe graphics Rule the Kingdom certainly are your strongest point because not only they count with excellent resolution, but also their textures are very well made, the contours of the characters do not have serrated and variety of Visual effects is stunning. Despite this, they are not committed to realism, which is not enough to be a problem, especially for a game of Android.

The sound effects in the game are a little repetitive, and to be very noticeable if you perform slowly. However, if you always be running and your actions don’t take a long time to be accomplished, some sounds certainly draw your attention through repetition. The background music, on the other hand, are extremely varied and change according to the situations of the game, something excellent and already expected in any RPG.

The gameplay in Rule the Kingdom is exquisite and the commands respond with precision, not need to press the same location repeatedly to be able to do something. Unlike other games of simulation of cities, here you do not need to focus exclusively on it, being a fundamental part of the adventure game. In other words, although help enough, you are not obligated to just take care of vegetable gardens or buildings to play Rule the Kingdom.

The amount of quests in the game is excellent and you are unlikely to be without purpose, because practically every citizen asks you to do something for him. The good news is that many of the missions, in addition to providing rewards, also serve to expand and improve your town – no you need not necessarily suffer from it or be impaired in any way.

At least at the beginning of the game, Rule the Kingdom is extremely dynamic and you can’t stand an instant, being possible to complete more than 20 missions in less than ten minutes playing. However, this speed tends to decrease considerably, because at first you get some special gems to make some immediate construction, saving you from waiting half an hour for its completion, for example.

The battles in Rule the Kingdom does not become very challenging, mainly because the monsters are aggressive and attack only one at a time. Whereas you are always accompanied by three wrestlers, must be a little hard to lose a fight. Furthermore, although the use of spells change the course of battles, they cost MP, regenerated feature very slowly.

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