Run Sackboy! Run! Online for PC – Free Download

December 4, 2014, Category: Games
Run Sackboy! Run! Online for PC – Free Download
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Run-sackboy!-Run!-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadLittleBigPlannet and fans of casual games are adventure in Run SackBoy! Run! a great choice for playing in moments of leisure. In control of the protagonist of the game from Sony, SackBoy, the mission is run by two-dimensional scenarios collecting coins and avoiding traps not to be captured by the monster.

Running and jumping

The gameplay is fluid and delivers the same mechanics seen in most works of the genre, guaranteeing quick matches and Running very accessible. The simplified control scheme, which requires only tapping anywhere on the screen, is well settled and allows players to remain fully focused on action.

The intermediate difficulty level, the large number of upgrades and paraphernalia and varied challenges that change as the gamer advances consolidate Run SackBoy! Run! as a highly addictive option.

Where is the card?

However, as in any app Freemium, transaction prices in the shop are a little salty, leaving the slower progress – and frustrating – for those who cannot spend real money with microtransactions.

Another negative point is that the phased advancement is not progressive. That is, if you die in the third level, the next race will take you to the first phase, forcing you to walk the same paths.


Run SackBoy graphs! Run! remember the pattern seen in LittleBigPlanet for the PlayStation 3 and will not disappoint even the most demanding people. The moulds are very detailed, the animations are fluid and textures that seem to tissues, are very beautiful.

In turn, the soundtrack that packs the adventure is cheerful and the effects of collisions, jumping and other actions are very expressive, consolidating an immersive environment especially for those who are using headphones.

Free Download:   Run Sackboy! Run! for PC – Run Sackboy! Run! for Android

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