Santa Run: Christmas Game Online for PC – Free Download

December 8, 2014, Category: Games
Santa Run: Christmas Game Online for PC – Free Download
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Santa-Run-Christmas-Game-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  Santa Run: Free Christmas Game  PC is a game well, however platform classic with a Christmas theme. Here, due to a maintenance in the sleigh, Santa Claus needs to run to be able to deliver all the presents in time, and its mission is to make the Good Doc doesn’t fall in their path by willing obstacles.

In it, you don’t have to worry about enemies, because the only challenge the protagonist will be the trappings of own route. The gameplay is good, since you simply tap the screen to make the character jump and there are no delays in the response to action. The game offers a number of stages for you to have fun and some lives to cross them without having to go back to the beginning.

There is no way to choose a level of difficulty for you to play, but, as usual, the game begins a little easier and the challenge is increased gradually with its breakthrough.

Employee On-Boarding

The graph and the designs are very simple, however, they are suitable for Christmas style for the game. The background music also helps in that climate, being a classic melody of the Christmas season. The other sounds are related to the actions on screen views and are well synchronized, and represent perfectly the event.

How your progress is stored independently at each level up, it can be used for anyone who needs games with shorter matches for having little time for distraction during the day. However, this feature also makes it interesting to play for several hours, whereas there are several levels for your entertainment.

The title does not consume many resources of the unit, which makes it a good option even for use on devices that have more limited resources.

Excess advertising

The game features a series of banners that are displayed from time to time. They cover the entire display and count with an option to your lock, which can be either a button indicating that you have no interest in the offer as the classic “X” in the upper right corner of the item.

However, this material is displayed even in the middle of a match, the interrupting during the period of exposure and making his return to the game “sudden”. So, this is a troublesome feature of the game and that eventually must be even more annoying for the player.

Free Download:  Santa Run: Christmas Game for PC – Santa Run: Christmas Game for Android

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