Scrolls Online for PC – Free Download

December 26, 2014, Category: Games
Scrolls Online for PC – Free Download
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Scrolls-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Scrolls PC is a turn-based strategy game mixed with RPG in which your goal is to participate in amazing challenges within a tray table. Choose your scrolls, representing warriors, and leave to fight in battles fun.

The game can offer good doses of reasoning and action in challenging matches. You must use very well their scrolls in order to win the battle, always choosing the best fighters for each type of opponent.

Variety of characters, simple mechanics

Are no less than 350 different scrolls for you to use during the matches, providing a large variety of options, which makes the battles more insane and fun.

As for the mechanics, it is pretty similar to most RPG turn-based games: you should make their moves and wait for your enemy also make them to start all over again, until someone wins. It’s simple, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Beautiful graphics, complex strategy

The game also features single player and multiplayer matches, offering more options for you to have fun. Every battle needs to be very well thought-out so you can get the victory. In addition to study their scrolls and the capabilities of the opponent, you also need to consider the combinations to create more effective attacks.

The graphics are very nice, and very reminiscent of most role-playing games, especially considering the letters of characters. As usual, the animations are simple, but well prepared. The soundtrack combines well with the gambling and provides more immersion.

Free Download: Scrolls for PC – Scrolls for Android

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