Shadowrun: Dragonfall – DC Online for PC – Free Download

December 10, 2014, Category: Games
Shadowrun: Dragonfall – DC Online for PC – Free Download
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Shadowrun-Dragonfall-DC-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadShadowrun: Dragonfall-DC PC  is a role playing game set in the famous cyberpunk universe of the same name. In it, you will assemble your own character and lead a small team of shadowrunners to complete missions and prevent the possible catastrophe that is about to happen in the proposed scenario.

An interesting point of the title is that you will assemble your character, taking care of the physical characteristics, choosing to race, class and the attributes of the file. Even if you don’t know the system, it is very important to take care to select the options that optimize the chosen protagonist type, otherwise the result may leave you somewhat dissatisfied.

The plot is driven by quests and you should be able to complete each one of them to advance and receive new tasks.

Plot and difficulty

The game features an elaborate history and with a wealth of details. He uses the reactions and interactions of your character to provide continuity in the plot. Be aware that the choices made during the game influence in the results achieved. Another interesting point is that new facts are released gradually, keeping the game always interesting and different.

The interface is friendly, showing the functions available in the form of button. In addition, all interactions are accomplished with touch screen, and they are with immediate response time. There are four degrees of difficulty to choose from, allowing you to choose the one that fits best in your player profile.

Excellent graphics quality

The graph and the drawings are extremely well prepared, bringing many details and leaving the bold game overview. However, perhaps even by such feature, it is quite heavy and, if you are using it in a device a bit more limited, ideally its handling will not be interspersed with other programs.

Simpler devices may have great difficulty to loading screens and even introduce deadlocks in application usage. The game features a background music suitable for the theme and sounds related to events that occurred during the match. Everything is nicely synchronized and according to what is seen on the screen.

What can be considered as a negative point is the fact that the title be entirely in English. As it is based in large excerpts from dialogues and in reading to the completion of the tasks, this can make some advancement for those who have difficulties with the language.

Free Download:  Shadowrun: Dragonfall DC for PC Shadowrun: Dragonfall DC for Android

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