Shipwrecked: Volcano Island Online for PC – Free download

November 27, 2014, Category: Games
Shipwrecked: Volcano Island Online for PC – Free download
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Shipwrecked-Volcano-Island-Online-for-PC-Free-downloadShipwrecked: Volcano Island is a very fun game that has everything to please those who like tycoon style. Although not bring a big difference, you will be able to use multiple characters at the same time, what makes gambling more dynamic.

Intuitive and dynamic

This is essential, because some tasks can arrest the surviving for minutes or even hours. In fact, the delay for the carrying-out of tasks is a negative factor in the app because, even with several helpers, you can get stuck in certain parts of the game simply waiting with nothing to do.

Despite this problem, an interesting detail of the game is that you don’t depend on energy to perform the actions. In addition, you can expand the set easily without having to add friends or spend high values with microtransactions in order to have more room to play.

Good expressivo

The graphics are very nice and feature images in high definition. Objects and constructions are rich in details, as well as the characters. The characters of the island, in fact, are too large for the objects on the screen, but that’s not enough to ruin the game, taking into account the most childish appeal.

The soundtrack is smooth and very pleasant. It combines very well with the style of the game — you can easily imagine it as the background music for a movie with the same style. To combine, subtle sound effects complement very well the scenario.

Generally speaking, Shipwrecked: Volcano Island is not an innovative title — and is far from it. But those who like the style will find an engaging pastime with an interesting plot and good possibilities for evolution.

Free download: Shipwrecked: Volcano Island for PC – Shipwrecked: Volcano Island for Android

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