Shoot War: Gun Fire Defense Online for PC – Free Download

December 28, 2014, Category: Games
Shoot War: Gun Fire Defense Online for PC – Free Download
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Shoot-War-Gun-Fire-Defense-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Fire War: Gun Fire Defense PC is a title of the FPS genre that carries the gameplay of a game Counter Strike for mobile with missions in famous WWII scenarios. Here, you need to prove that it is good to aim to defend strategic points which are key to winning battles.

Unlike what we see on the classic shooting game, here you need to combat armored tanks and helicopters. Fortunately, your character is equipped with a specific arsenal for wars like these, as machine guns powerful tactics and sniper rifles.

Far from being perfect

The graphics are actually very similar to which can be found in the original version for PC. However, the graphics of Shoot War: Gun Fire Defense are very simplified, not demonstrating much realism or large three-dimensional images.

The movement of the characters is presented in a way robotics, showing even crashes in certain moments of gambling. That way, the game is classified more as a hobby than a full FPS.

Deserves to be tested

All controls, including the movement of the character and the mira, are made through the touch screen. As default, activities such as shoot, jump and duck are performed through small icons scattered across the display.

If you’re a fan of good old counter-strike, shoot War: Gun Fire Defense is certainly a title that at least deserves a test. Although the remake is not so well done, the work allows you to explore some never-before-seen scenarios and fight in a real war.

Free Download: Shoot War: Gun Fire Defense for PC – Android

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