Sick Bricks Online for PC – Free Download

March 13, 2015, Category: Games
Sick Bricks Online for PC – Free Download
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   It doesn’t matter whether or not you have the action figures of the Sick Bricks PC, the game of the same name, is an excellent option for you to install on your device. In control of several heroes, your mission is to destroy the Goons and find a way to disrupt the plans of the Evil Overlord Omega, which is turning Sick City in a real mess.

Controlled chaos

Gambling in the world of brick is agile and cool, since everything gamers need to interact is touching the desired positions or on top of enemies. This simpler mechanics not hinders the fighting, which are agitated and require some frenzied touches on the part of the players.

The missions are very entertaining and the constant dialogues of the characters help to increase significantly the immersion. However, it is important to note that everything is in English, which can discourage and even upset people who dominate the foreign language and who are forced to spend considerable time in the text boxes.

World of brick

The mechanics of evolution is solid and firm several common elements seen in RPG titles. Heroes can develop special skills, gain experience as annihilate enemies and can still increase their life and energy.

Who has access to action figures may also use the device camera to virtualize their Sick Bricks, leaving the game more interesting. Who do not have the actual figures, however, don’t have to worry too much because the story and the resources available in the game are independent of physical toys.

Solid set

In terms of chart, Sick Bricks will not disappoint one bit demanding people. Everything is perfectly modeled in 3D and drawings are incredibly expressive and fun. The city composed of brick has an impeccable design and wealth of details reveals that the application received a heavy investment.

The soundtrack, in turn, may seem a bit repetitive, but combines with the theme of the work. The effects of the attacks, collisions and other interactions resemble a cartoon and are perfectly synchronized. In fact, Sick Bricks stands out in dialogues, which are very well done and increase immersion in history.

Free Download: Sick Bricks for PC – Sick Bricks for Android

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