SimCity BuildIt Online for PC/Windows/Mac – Free Download/Play

December 7, 2014, Category: Games
SimCity BuildIt Online for PC/Windows/Mac – Free Download/Play
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SimCity-BuildIt-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  SimCity BuildIt PC is a simulation game in which your goal is to develop a town from simple tools. Prepare and structure a whole region and receive residents from everywhere and keep them happy.

The game is a much more simplified version of SimCity, but no less fun. The basic elements that have made success in the game are here: we need to balance the books, set in the landscape and organization and provide everything a real town needs.

A casual that worked

But unlike the original game, SimCity BuildIt PC/Online elements of casual games, such as the features that take time to be produced. It ends up being extremely annoying since it can take a long time for you to continue in your projects.

The tools of the game are extremely simple to use and allow you to do all actions quite easily. Insert or move the elements is very practical, as well as any other functionality.

But some elements bother

The graphics of SimCity BuildIt Online don’t leave something to be desired. All elements are very beautiful and very well designed, as well as the scenarios. The menus are well organized on the screen and not hinder viewing.

SimCity BuildIt is an excellent game mobile simulation lives up to the name of the game. Unfortunately we have to rely on the delay in production of the elements, the only negative point in the game. At most, it’s purely fun.

Free Download:  SimCity BuildIt for PC – SimCity BuildIt for Android

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