Six-Guns: Gang Showdown Online for PC – Free Download

January 29, 2015, Category: Games
Six-Guns: Gang Showdown Online for PC – Free Download
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   Six Guns PC surprises right off the bat by its visual and grandeur. The world built by Gameloft brings a huge number of details to be enjoyed, mainly within the cities and buildings. It’s almost impossible not to make a comparison with Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360 and PS3 for), which also uses the old West as the background.

The only problem is when you’re traveling from one place to another. The textures simple and repetitive, joined to the lack of details and objects in certain locations, end up getting tired a little bit. Still, the graphics and details of Six Guns impress.

The sound is fancy. The songs can set the player to the desert climate of the American West. When the adventure begins, the beats are the emotion needed until the last shot is fired. Many enemies drop challenge phrases during the persecutions, increasing the tension during the adventure.

The variety of items for purchase and upgrades will prolong the fun. The only problem is that over time they begin to cost – and it ends up forcing players to redo the quests in search of more coins to buy upgrades, or buy items with real money. The game is also not to remind you that the store is full of items ready for purchase. Just stay low on ammo or with low energy to receive an offer of products for sale. Over time this tired and stands in the way of fun.

The story of the game boils down to drop the hero in the middle of the old West with a gun and some people asking for help. The first quest starts without much ADO and you must pursue and kill some outlaw. Other than that, she remains shallow throughout the journey. The characters encountered during the adventure are confined to ask for help or give some tips. A production of this level could have worried a bit more with the plot.

On the other hand, it helps those who want to just play the game and have fun, without wasting time reading endless dialogues between characters without importance. Is call, move on to the next assignment and ready.

The missions are varied in the beginning, but over time began to repeat itself, in addition to forcing the character to acquire new items-or horse-to continue. The gameplay is simple and suitable for touch screens of handsets with Android, and the game still assists offering automatic sighting during the shootings.

The controls lock time or another during the journey and almost always during the horse racing. It’s frustrating that you’re nearly winning and be forced to restart because the controls simply stopped responding.

Even with some problems, Six-Guns is an excellent title. The game has elements to suit all adventurous and fans of the old West. The whole world available has a lot to be explored and offers many hours of fun.

Free Download: Six-Guns: Gang Showdown for PC | Six-Guns: Gang Showdown for Android

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