Ski Safari: Adventure Time for PC – Free Download

November 28, 2014, Category: Games
Ski Safari: Adventure Time for PC – Free Download
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Ski-safari-adventure-ime-for-pc-Free-download-onlineIf you’re a fan of the design “Adventure Time”, the game Ski Safari: Adventure Time can not miss in your collection. Helping Finn escape from an avalanche, you need to jump in certain moments and do maneuvers to Dodge rocks and other hazards.

Slipping without end!

The gameplay is very fast and can seem a bit confusing at first, but it only takes a few minutes to adapt to get the hang of it and start to travel long distances in the mountains.

The control scheme, entirely based on touch, is easy to master and will not lead to complications. In addition, the store offers several interesting worlds upgrades and power-ups to encourage long hours of gambling.

Prices are a little salty, but not inaccessible, ensuring that the effort of the gamer is often rewarded.

An authentic game

In terms of visual, the Ski Safari: Adventure Time follows the same pattern: Adventure time SuperFinn, since all drawings are impeccable and perfectly resemble the cartoon broadcast by Cartoon Network, what is undoubtedly a very positive point.

The sounds also follow in the same line and represent each blow and energetic way action. Besides, the melodies of varied background are very fun and significantly improve the immersion.

Although the app only has a paid version, the r $ 2,33 charged by the program are not be preventing for true fans of the cartoon, or for people who enjoy games well buffed.

Free download:  Ski Safari: Adventure Time for PC – Ski Safari: Adventure Time for Android

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