Sky Streaker – Gumball Climbing for PC – Free Download

March 20, 2015, Category: Games
Sky Streaker – Gumball Climbing for PC – Free Download
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   Sky-Gumball Streaker Climbing PC is a purely casual. The game has similar gameplay to that of Timberman, another success of the App Store, but with more elements. If in the Timberman player was limited by time, in Climbing the Gumball other family members Watterson which are on his tail.

The goal is simple: score as many points as possible. To do this, the player must play on each side of the screen to make Mr. Watterson deviate from clothes. That’s right! If you tap one of trousers that appear throughout the game is “Game Over”.

The highlight of the game is in the customization of Mr. Watterson. There are all kinds of crazy outfit for him to wear. In addition, there are power-ups that involve the appearance of other character, who will help the Father in that little Gumball crazy dream.

Sky Streaker-Gumball Climbing is free and does not have built-in shopping. However, ads can appear while the player is connected to the internet. Playing offline, they do not appear. The game also features integration with Game Center games network, making it possible to send your ranking and challenge your friends to reach further.


Simple gameplay
Sounds and fun animations
Ideal for children of all ages
Advertising when you’re connected to the internet

Free Download: Sky Streaker – Gumball Climbing for PC | for iOS

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