Sleepwalkers Online for PC – Free Download

December 13, 2014, Category: Games
Sleepwalkers Online for PC – Free Download
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Sleepwalkers-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  If you are sick of the games to more traditional reasoning, Sleepwalkers PC brings a very interesting proposal for you to try. In control of two sleepwalkers out dorms, your mission is to control the puppets strategically and make sure they get to their beds before time runs out.

Puzzles of the dreamworld

The gameplay is simple and requires only that the players bow their appliances or slide your finger across the display in the desired direction. The only buttons on screen serve to trigger the bonus and the early stages are quite simple, serving as a dynamic tutorial to help beginners understand the mechanics of the work.

The level of increasing difficulty and phases with varied and creative design turn Sleepwalkers in a title very stimulating for people who like logic and are in search of good challenges.

Good challenges

The available bonuses do not significantly change the gambling, but they are good helpers to the moments of despair. The problem is that the initial amount is limited, and only spend with microtransactions may replenish them quickly.

The various objects that arise in the scenarios as the gamer progresses call enough attention and force the development of new strategies, reducing the feeling of repetition and making Sleepwalkers increasingly addictive.

Cute and fun

About the graphics, the game of Digital Fairytales will not disappoint the people demanding. The three-dimensional molds are very well made, the textures are crisp and the particle and lighting effects combine with the style stripped of the joke.

The sounds that pack the puzzles are well done and go hand-in-hand with the theme of the work. The melodies, however, are a bit repetitive and, in fact, do not add anything to the gambling.

Free Download:  Sleepwalkers for PC – Sleepwalkers for Android

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