Smash Champs Online for PC – Free Download

March 21, 2015, Category: Games
Smash Champs Online for PC – Free Download
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   There is no doubt that Smash was a very game Champs well-produced and has a great potential for entertainment — especially for players who prefer or are seeking a more casual gambling option to kill idle time.

However, before we go deeper in more technical detail than found in this game, it is vital that we make it perfectly clear he has more features of arcade titles than a fighter. Actually, here you will lead your Warrior during the battles themselves.

The fight is outside the ring

Your goal is to conquer a score of coups greater than that of the opponent, which is possible through balls pitched against his character, who must attack it from their commands executed by sliding the finger by — something like the acclaimed Fruit Ninja.

Thus, there are two points to note. First, the fact that the actions be uncomplicated and that can be assimilated very easily — which is a very positive feature. On the other hand, this game mechanics can become cloying over time and discourage the most demanding players.

Furthermore, although the commands are relatively simple, the lack of translation of Smash Champs for the Portuguese can hinder the understanding of gambling tips available through interactive tutorials for those who haven’t mastered English.

Well-behaved clashes

In relation to the appearance of Smash Champs don’t have to complain about. The graphics adopted have great resolution, bringing varied environments and scenarios the characters rely on compositions and animations fairly relaxed. This combination of elements provides a very cool visual.

The great gaming experience is complemented by the adoption of qualified audio effects. During our tests, we didn’t notice any distortion or noise that could compromise the gambling.

Another plus point of the Smash Champs is the good amount of enhancement and personalization items available in the store, ensuring that you keep constant objectives of acquisition over your progress.

Free Download: Smash Champs for PC – Smash Champs for Android

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