SoD: Alchemy Adventure Online for PC – Free Download

November 29, 2014, Category: Games
SoD: Alchemy Adventure Online for PC – Free Download
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SoD-Alchemy-Adventure-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadSod: Alchemy Adventure is a game in which you need to identify items the same and make groups with at least three elements of the same type. The game has a Division in levels, and in each of them you have a goal to be completed within the limits of movement offered, which may involve, for example, achieve a certain score.

However, once completed the goal, if remaining movements, you can use them to obtain a higher rating on stage. Similarly, if you want, you can redo any of them to obtain a better score. The fact the game owning a phased separation also causes it to present a model of shorter matches, making flexible.

So, you can either play for hours on end as the use as a casual pastime for your free moments in the day.

Easy to play

The combination of the stones, as already mentioned, is made of the traditional way of this type of game. Here, however, you will combine different chemical components, but which are part of the same group. Three elements are enough to form a chain, but as more of them are involved, the more points are obtained, besides being generated special items.

The response time of commands is immediately, making sure you don’t need to “Redo” the stroke so that it is identified by the game.

Nice ambiance

The graph and the drawings are very well-done, to help you get in the mood of the story, plus serve perfectly to represent the motion of the game. The background music is smooth, being suitable as audio to enhance the ambiance. The other sounds are related to the actions on screen views and are perfectly synchronized with the event.

However, if you wish, the audio can be entirely disabled in the application settings. Unfortunately, the game is a little heavy and your shipment can be a bit slow on a smartphone more modest.

Free download:  SoD: Alchemy Adventure for PC –  SoD: Alchemy Adventure for Android

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