SoulCraft 2 Online for PC – Free Download

December 15, 2014, Category: Games
SoulCraft 2 Online for PC – Free Download
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SoulCraft-2-Action-RPG-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   SoulCraft 2 – Action RPG PC is a good alternative for those who want an action RPG similar to Diablo, for example. After all, it lets you control the character by the scenario and use up to four different attacks to defeat the demons that appear in waves. With a total of ten normal scenarios and three others made with the intention of being always repeated, the biggest highlight of the game goes to the arena, where you face other players to test their skills.

Although it is not exactly perfect, the appearance of SoulCraft 2 is very beautiful, showing various interesting details: not only has an excellent resolution, but also has textures very well prepared. The contours of the characters are relatively thick, which may be an attempt to hide serrated – the result is a little strange, but still tolerable considering the overall quality of graphics.

The fact that require internet connection and an account is very inconvenient because this prevents you to play when you’re totally isolated from the World Wide Web. I.e. SoulCraft 2 ends up being a game for you to play at home, because it is very heavy and can spend a lot of your data plan, if you use a 3 g connection for play.

War between angels and demons

Another problem in the game are Gold accounts because they confer advantages on the free players, making it impossible to win battles against paying them and making the game get too frustrating. In this sense, the best equipment are unique to who spends money and, in addition, buy items is enough just for the median single player: even so, it is necessary to repeat phases to have enough money to buy them.

The SoulCraft 2 gameplay is good and has a good positioning of the action buttons. However, the agility of the characters leaves something to be desired, it is not possible to dodge attacks opponents, for example. Even with this inconvenience, the response of the commands is fast and accurate, enough for a good performance.

The songs are a little short and repetitive, however, your theme blends very nicely with the proposal of the game. Although the variation is not too high, there are times with change of soundtracks to mark the entry of big bosses, for example. Regarding sound effects, they only fulfil their function: do not stand out too much, but also not fall short because of a lack of quality.

Free Download:  SoulCraft 2 for PC – SoulCraft 2 for Android

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