Space Shift: The Beginning Online for PC – Free Download

March 13, 2015, Category: Games
Space Shift: The Beginning Online for PC – Free Download
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   Who never imagined himself in one of those adventures of afternoon session when you were a kid? A simple story, a perfect hero and villains characteristic were the recipe for success. In Space Shift: The Beginning PC you can enjoy a game in that way, walking from ship around and hauling ass in aliens without much notion of where are they.

The game does not take it seriously at any time, and this is quite clear in a story that is told to start the app for the first time. With illustrations by quality and screenplay worthy of the movies of the Decade of 1980, the space adventure begins because the aliens ended up messing up the moment of rest of the hero – and will pay for it.

The entire look of the menus and interface, refer to the adventures of former productions for TV and film and this brings a special charm to Space Shift: The Beginning. In addition the choice of game in a 2D gameplay combine with beautiful 3D graphics was very correct, since it preserves the gameplay of classic arcade titles of nagesar.

The own ship of the protagonist seems a flying version of a Cadillac, but with a big difference: space to load a nice amount of weaponry. The scenarios created for the production also had an extreme caution, creating a unique atmosphere to the game. The same can be said of the soundtrack, which features an exciting pace.

Sounds easy, but be prepared for surprises …

As in the old style games, Space Shift: The Beginning encourages the player to move around all the time, either to escape the gunfire or get power ups. With the left part of the screen by moving the ship and taking care of the right shots, everything works so fluidly. Still, larger devices are the most suitable to help on gambling.

In a matter of difficulty, the game is in a complicated situation. The initial phase is practically a great tutorial, with most enemies static, acting more as barriers than opponents itself. It makes sense, after all some people may be having his first adventure on mobile and need some time to get used to everything.

However, as soon as the second level is unlocked, the challenge gives a considerable leap. The aliens start to move more and shoot, making the screen a living hell in a few moments. The thud can be great for some, since the feeling is out of a quiet room to, following, take both feet on his chest to enter in another environment.

Past the initial shock — and after restarting the games a few times – everything seems to be a little less distressing, causing Space Shift: The Beginning show once again that it is truly fun.

There’s plenty of content

Each of 30 levels currently available has a duration tailor-made so that you can play when you give, without any kind of commitment. In this sense, it helps the fact that you don’t have to be connected to the internet, there is no limit of lives and nor any kind of resource collection – which eliminates good old steamed microtransactions.

Beyond the first chapter that already comes to install Space Shift: The Beginning, are promised at least three other new worlds for the foreseeable future, ensuring that the player always have a reason to keep the game on mobile. Add to that an intuitive gameplay and progressively more challenging stages to make the experience addictive.

Unfortunately, as with other free titles, the game has a massive amount of ads. Just sit back a few seconds in one of the menus to be bombed out of full-screen ads or banners that take a part of the interface. Looking at it this way, maybe the in-game store was not an option so bad …

Free Download: Space Shift: The Beginning for PC – Space Shift: The Beginning for Android

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