Spin Warrior Online for PC – Free Download

November 29, 2014, Category: Games
Spin Warrior Online for PC – Free Download
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Spin-Warrior-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadSpin Warrior is a fun game and relatively addictive: once released the ball, there’s no turning back. After all, you have to keep batting it, always trying to finish with the soldiers in just one way path, trying to predict what the paths followed and annihilate with all to raise the score, increasing the size of the ball in play and facilitating its work. However, all it takes is one mistake to end it: you get a second chance, but nothing beyond that.

The sound effects are repetitive, and there is no variety in the noise generated by pins knocked down, even with the batting of the ball – always the same, although larger and more powerful with the addition of constant upgrades. The background music is very good and fits enough to the topic “epic” proposed. With a long-lasting, she ends up not sounding repetitive, given that the matches do not usually take a long time.

An intense and fun hobby

Visual Warrior is not Spin of the most elaborate; However, it’s still very beautiful. With excellent resolution, the graphic quality of pictures reaches tall heights, which is facilitated with a good texture in the scenarios and characters. About the problems, of course the carelessness with the contours of the “pins”, which feature strong serrated around. Still, another plus point are the Visual effects, also able to make the game more intense action.

In a matter of gameplay, the game is good enough, and there is no serious problems that you “break”. However, it should be pointed out the following: the fact that the player’s finger cover the protagonist in every moment prevents has an exact notion regarding the possibility of hitting the ball. That is, you can use your finger as a reference; However, the size is not exactly the same and may harm their performance.

In addition, Spin Warrior suffers from a serious lack of variety: with extremely short matches, there is nothing to make the game more interesting. In other words, it only takes two minutes for you to understand the game and already have experienced everything he has to offer. Without different stages, enemies more powerful and higher chances to defend himself, this title ends up being too simple – even though has a nice proposal.

Free download:  Spin Warrior for PC – Spin Warrior for Android

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