Spirit Run Online for PC – Free download

November 28, 2014, Category: Games
Spirit Run Online for PC – Free download
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Spirit-Run-Online-for-PC-Free-downloadAs expected in action games that have endless races, Spirit Run has a frenetic style in that you cannot Peel my eyes from the smartphone or you can die at any moment. The game features 3D graphics very pretty as they have vibrant colors and that compose the scenarios so quite fancy.

Speaking of scenarios, the game features several elements that always change aimed to make it less repetitive, since you should always start the matches from beginning after dying. There are fallen trees, traps that sprout from the ground, steep cliffs and more – everything always modified before you start phases.

The great differential of the application lies in the fact that you can turn into an animal, which is quite fun, although the power last for only a few seconds. The animals have specific skills, which makes the experience even more interesting. With the exception of this aspect, there is absolutely nothing in Spirit Run that we haven’t seen in Temple games Run.

The jogabildiade consists of shaking the device to one side and another and drag the finger on the display at the right time. When you die, you can revive if you have some crystals. And, as usual, you can buy packages of crystals with real money don’t suffer so much in the game. Overall, it’s a very interesting and entertaining title, however that, even with the changes in animals, has no other innovative concepts.

Free download: Spirit Run for PCSpirit run for Android

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