Star Warfare2:Payback Online for PC – Free Download

December 20, 2014, Category: Games
Star Warfare2:Payback Online for PC – Free Download
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Star-Warfare2-Payback-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   If you’re a fan of fast action games in which you must shoot furiously to survive, Star Warfare 2: Payback PC is a good option for you to add to your collection of war games.

Classical action

The gameplay is very good and intuitive, primarily because of the traditional control scheme. Gamers accustomed to other titles in the genre can do well in the early stages and lose track of time, which is excellent.

However, just like in the previous version, here the sensitivity of mira could harm a little shot. No matter how hard you try to keep the wrist, the hero seems to have serious problems to aim in a fixed position, which is a bit frustrating when you want to shoot accurately with a most potent weapon.

Some generic

The graphics were well worked out and have a good amount of effects such as the blood spilled by the beasts you maim. Some textures of the scenarios are high, but the modeling of the characters is satisfactory and the animations also draw attention by smooth movements.

The sounds are a little generic, since many effects, such as the shooting and those of animals, for example, are extremely repetitive. In turn, the songs that pack the battles are consolidating a climate suitable for gamers to focus.

Need to improve

Despite the good possibilities, Star Warfare 2: Payback has many problems and will disappoint particularly Star players Warfare: Alien Invasion that were waiting for fixes. The game received some Visual improvements, but, in General, not much has changed.

Furthermore, the problems of mira, salted prices of transactions and the constant lockups in the busiest moments end up taking many points of the app, which still has a long way to address corrections before having an appropriate level to surprise gamers demanding.

Free Download:  Star Warfare 2:Payback  for PC – Star Warfare 2:Payback  for Android

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