Star Wars: Galactic Defense Online for PC – Free Download

December 7, 2014, Category: Games
Star Wars: Galactic Defense Online for PC – Free Download
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Star-Wars-Galactic-Defense-Online-for-PC-Free-Download Star Wars: Galactic Defense PC  is a tower defense game based in the Star Wars saga that puts you to fight both the light side and the dark side of the force. Set up your defenses, reinforce their heroes and destroys the opposite side before they invade your base.

With excellent scenarios and characters, animations, well produced, great gameplay – which works in a way more dynamic than most games –, the fantastic saga soundtrack and simple controls, you, fan or not, you will find in Star Wars: Galactic Defense a sensational game. Check out why.

The tower defense incremented

Tower defense games usually rely on a traditional gameplay, in which your goal is to place various towers along paths where your enemy will pass the order to destroy them before they reach base.

However, Star Wars: Galactic Defense Bill with an extra element: the heroes. They can be controlled, unlike the turrets and fighters who operate in an automatic way. In this way, it is possible to guide them through the paths in order to combat the enemies of its shape.

As well as each of the structures, all heroes have unique abilities. Darth Vader is strong and slow, for example, while Darth Moul is fast and a little weaker. This provides much more dynamism to the game to allow the player to interact more with the match.

The mighty universe saga

Star Wars: Galactic Defense features cartoon graphics of the saga very well prepared. The look is fantastic because it displays the scenarios of the planets very similar to those of saga. All the characters were meticulously rebuilt to please especially the fans.

Another point too high of Star Wars: Galactic Defense is the direction of animation. All the characters are hinged differently from each other, which ensures a superior quality to the game. In addition, many light effects and explosions leave gambling even more exciting.

And as expected, the soundtrack of Star Wars: Galactic Defense is fantastic. It’s all inspired by the original saga and changes as the pace of the game. In addition, it varies not to stayand repetitive during their journey. The effects are also exactly the same from Star Wars, as the noises of shots of guns and lasers of the sabres.

A lot of variety

Star Wars: Galactic Defense relies on a huge amount of towers for you to use in the game, ensuring much more fun. They are released as you advance and bring well-diversified and elements similar to those of films, a full plate for who is a fan.

In addition, there are several different heroes options that put you in third-person combat against enemy forces. It is also possible to evolve all structures and heroes, leaving them increasingly powerful.

Star Wars: Galactic Defense also has a large amount of planets to explore along the plot, which offer new scenarios and different challenges. It is also possible to use power-ups to attack their opponents at once, making gambling even better.

One of the best of Star Wars

Star Wars: Galactic Defense is full of qualities, but not everything is flowers. The game has to be connected all the time to the internet and that is a rule really boring, because any moment of disconnection can leave the load screens extremely slow. By the end of the departures can be happening due to the wait.

This is the only setback of the game that shines by offering a game worthy of the saga. Being a fan or not, it is impossible not to be charmed by Star Wars: Galactic Defense, especially if you like tower defense games. Enjoy!

Free Download:  Star Wars: Galactic Defense for PC – Star Wars: Galactic Defense  for Android

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