Star Wars™ Pinball 3 Online for PC – Free Download

May 7, 2015, Category: Games
Star Wars™ Pinball 3 Online for PC – Free Download
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Star-Wars-Pinball-3-Online-for-PC-free-Download   Star Wars Pinball 3 PC is a pinball game 3 themed with characters and references from “Star Wars” film series. The player can choose one of the ways of the force by which will fight, and manages to confront other people through the synchronization options Swarm present in the game.

In a matter of gameplay, Star Wars Pinball 3 has absolutely nothing different from any other pinball game. You have to touch the sides of the screen to raise corresponding palettes and prevent the ball fall into the hole. Simple and fun. What the game’s different are the targets that must be achieved, even change some features of the match when you hit.

Visual and sound effects

The graphics are good but could be better. There are many elements on the screen glowing and, depending on your screen size, all this begins to turn visual pollution. If the games to occupy the entire screen, it would be more advantageous to the graphic aspect of the game. Anyway, there are many beautiful and advanced effects being shown on the screen the whole time, and the movement of the ball and of other items is very natural.

The sound effects are a SideShow. All kinds of player’s action represents a different sound, and all of them are themed, following phrases of the heroes and villains of Star Wars. Because of this all, we can say that it’s worth doing a test.

Free Download: Star Wars Pinball 3 for PC – Star Wars Pinball 3 for Android

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