Stick Hero: Gravity Guy Online for PC – Free Download

November 30, 2014, Category: Games
Stick Hero: Gravity Guy Online for PC – Free Download
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Stick-Hero-Gravity-Guy-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadIf you like simple and challenging pastimes, Stick Hero is a great tip to download. Your goal is to build passages so that the character can cross from one point to another in the scenario, but that’s not as easy as it looks.

Viewing the initial and final platform, you have to touch the screen for which a ticket is formed. She is a straight line upwards, which is released to the ground when you take your finger off the screen. The problem is that the passage cannot be nor smaller or larger than the following platform, because only then will it be possible to pass to the next point.

The sizes vary and so you have to accurately calculate their moves. The soundtrack helps you build the passages quickly and your score is marked on Google Play games, for you to challenge your friends.

Free download: Stick Hero: Gravity Guy for PC – Stick Hero: Gravity Guy for Android

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