SUMMON MASTERS – Sword Dancing Online for PC – Free Download

December 5, 2014, Category: Games
SUMMON MASTERS – Sword Dancing Online for PC – Free Download
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 SUMMON-MASTERS-Sword-Dancing-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadSUMMON MASTERS – Sword Dancing PC  is an action RPG in which you command a group of adventurers in search of battles. You don’t command the basic moves of their heroes, but only the special attacks. The game is filled with bosses and different worlds, as well as presents a weapons system that evolves, real-time battles and 150 units that can be combined in groups of up to seven characters each.

This is a big game, with a considerable amount of things you can do. This is good when you’re willing to “dive” in the game because there are a lot of details that can be changed, combined and enhanced features. Therefore, if you want something “simple”, Summon Masters might not be the most appropriate.

Anyway, this variety of resources is a highlight, as well as the graphics with Japanese animation style — another detail that increments the gaming experience. The movements of the characters are well executed, as well as the drawings do not present any significant failure, scoring many points in favor of Summon Masters.

The central screen of the game, which is from where you choose what to do inside the game, it’s a little confusing and, as are all in English, maybe it’s a problem for those who have not mastered that language. Anyway, she ends up being the most organised as possible given the amount of things that puts at your disposal.

Audio and diversity

The audio portion of this game also leaves a bit to be desired in the soundtrack, since this is repetitive, without variation, What irritates some. The sound effects, however, did not disappoint and help settling in very well the adventures of Summon Masters.

The diversity of actions that you can perform here, combining items and even characters, is another interesting point. This results in a broadening of the possibilities of game, thus ensuring greater durability to Summon Masters. You get to play and finds a number of things that can be done, something very positive.

Anyway, this is a game that may not be exceptional, but has potential and will please anyone who likes a good action RPG.

Free Download:  SUMMON MASTERS for PC – SUMMON MASTERS for Android

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