Taichi Panda Online for PC/Windows7/8/Mac – Free Download/Play

March 29, 2015, Category: Games
Taichi Panda Online for PC/Windows7/8/Mac – Free Download/Play
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Taichi-Panda-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  Who is looking for a quality action RPG in iOS, you can be well pleased with Taichi Panda PC/Online. This game, which unfortunately is all in English, originated in China and recently won a Western version that can conquer gamers on this side of the world. Firstly, Taichi Panda PC has impressive technical aspects.

3D scenarios at Taichi Panda PC/Online are extremely neat and detailed, in addition to being varied. It is possible to walk through wild forests, sacred temples, arid deserts and dungeons full of hidden treasures. In each of these scenarios, we can find its own characteristics that make the game much more beautiful.

Mind-blowing battles for a mobile game in Taichi Panda PC

To boost the quality of these 3D graphics in a mobile game (which is free), are presented to outstanding animations of main characters and enemies. The special effects of their attacks are great and leave the display popping up with lightning, traces of blows and spells that are expelled by all sides.

The battles can excite enough, especially because several enemies appear simultaneously on the screen (which is a lot more excitement to the game). The bosses are also neat, making the title even more dynamic. However, you need to score that despite all these positives, Taichi Panda PC is a challenging game.

UM … What’s the same challenge?

Although following the same visual style of Diablo (with typical isometric view), the game cannot play the level of difficulty of this game, for example. The game is fairly easy and sometimes it is possible to defeat the bosses with the special skills without taking any damage-what is rather demotivating.

In addition, the initial tutorials are extremely thorough and don’t allow you to have the freedom to make their own actions for a long time (how to choose which items to buy, what equip and even which missions face). With the exception of these two aspects, and the fact of Taichi Panda be in English, the game can have a lot of fun with their exciting battles and neat.

Free Download: Taichi Panda for PC – Taichi Panda for iOS – Taichi Panda for Android

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